Is it time for a review?

Do you need a Review?
The mortgage market is competitive and always on the move. And things in your life are probably on the move too. Our role as  mortgage broker’s at AKL Finance Group is to ensure our clients have the right home loan to meet their needs. As things change, either with your situation or with the lending landscape, a regular review makes sure that your loan is still the right fit.

To get an idea of when it might be time to take a look around, ask yourself these simple questions. If you answer any of our questions below with a ‘yes’, then it is time for a quick catch-up to make sure your finance solution is still right for you. The more questions you answer yes to, the more important it is to get cracking on a review.

  • Are you thinking about renovating your home? Are you thinking about moving house or even caught yourself scanning real estate sites or the for sale section of the paper?

  • Has life changed for you since you took out your loan?

  • Is your relationship status still the same, have you changed jobs or increased your salary or are there any new children in your home?

  • Do you have a few spare dollars each week you could use to pay down your home loan faster and save on repayments?

  • Do you have any money left over each month to potentially start a small investment fund?

  • Have you thought about consolidating your debts?

  • If you have a credit card you just can’t pay down or a car or personal loan, you might save by rolling these debts into one.

  • Are you concerned about being able to meet your current loan repayments?

  • Do you think your current interest rate is too high?

  • A review of your finances is a quick and painless exercise and you know that we will be going into bat for you. We will do all the running around and negotiating with the lenders on your behalf, knowing which questions to ask and hunting down the features that will be of most benefit to you.

    Give AKL Finance Group  a call or use our APPLY ONLINE button and we can run through what’s been happening tailor an appropriate solution for you.