Checklist of Documents Needed

Most lenders require the same documents to approve a loan. Please ensure you bring the listed documents below to our meeting or send them through to us as soon as possible, as this will help to fast-track your loan application.
This is a general checklist so some of the documents may not apply to you and depending on the type of application, we may require more information. We will confirm which documents will be required when we tailor a loan option for you.
If you would like to know more or have any questions, please contact us at AKL Finance Group by either giving us a call or using our APPLY ONLINE button.

Document Checklist

 2 Consecutive Pay slips that are within the last 4 weeks, showing year to date earnings.

 Most recent Group certificate/PAYG summery, for the last financial year.

If you have been employed in your current position for less than 12 months, a letter from your employer stating position, start date, salary, employment mode (including whether or not you are under a probationary period) will be required.

If self-employed we require:

Company –  Most current 2 years of financials –  personal and company tax returns, with accompanying tax assessment notice.

Sole trader – Most current 2 years of financials – personal.

If you have an existing investment property, you will need to provide either your lease agreement, or 3 months’ worth of current bank statements showing rent being deposited.

If you are purchasing a investment property , you will need a letter from your real estate agent with rental appraisal for the purchase property.

(All statements must be current with your name and address, or if you are printing a current transaction history that does not show the address, it must have an account number visible that can be linked to an old statement with your current address on it.)
 Identification sufficient to complete FTRA 100 points.

(If not meeting in person, Identification must be certified by a justice of the peace)

·         Driver’s License (40)

·         Passport (70)

·         Medicare Card (25)

·         Bank Debit or Credit Card (25) (only one per bank)

·         Rates notice (25)

·         Utilities bill, Telephone Bill, Electricity Account etc. (25)  
 Current 3 months statements showing sufficient funds to complete the transaction.

Share statements.

Managed funds, etc.
 Information relating to any current debts or credit cards limits you may have i.e. 1 month statement with current balance.

·         Personal loans

·         Car loans

·         Credit card

·         Home loans

·         Any other financial debt e.g. HECS